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Throughout the day.  Around the year.  A celebrated life.  Of loving relationships.  Mind, body, heart & soul balance.  Inspiring renewal.  Empowering choices.  

Does this sound too good to be true? Not possible for parents, families, anyone?


Loving relationships.  Balanced mind, body, heart and soul.  Inspiring renewal. Empowering choices.  

Hi! Welcome to my site.  This is me on the left. With my daughter, Mandala.

I believe that these 4 elements of a celebrated life are possible to achieve regularly.  When you eat a meal together.  Or celebrate  a birthday.  

They are not only possible.  I think that having them in your life is essential.  

Let me briefly share with you here, what I mean by all of this.  

What's a celebrated life?


It's taking the time to notice a magnificent dragon fly in a pond of hundreds of blooming lotus flowers.  

It's a life rich in meaningful, lasting relationships.  And a feeling of being home in communities that matter to us.  Belonging in the deepest sense.

A life that intends to create a balance between all the doing, with time to just be present with what is.  

A life that slows down regularly to create renewal, inspiration.  To fill our cups.  To put the pieces together again or in a new way.

It's also a life lived on purpose.  Not trying to do it all.  But knowing our priorities.  Choosing what is important.  A life that is enough.  Knowing what we value most.  What is enough.  

What's missing in the way we typically live and celebrate our lives?


The same things are missing in our celebrations, that are often missing in our lives.  

Too often we are more focused on consuming things, then connecting to people.  

We are just too busy, too on all the time now. What's missing is more presence.  

Often our lives are running on empty.  We don't intend to nurture ourselves nearly enough. 

And we often lose sight of making choices based on what is most important to us.  

Both when we celebrate.  And live our lives.  

What does it mean to create a fulfilling life? Fulfilling celebration?


A fulfilling life isn't simply about what you have or what you do.  It's about walking through life awake.  With intention.  A sense of life purpose.  

It's more about how you show up each day.  

Whether you live your life based on your own choices.  Your personal values.

A fulfilling celebration comes from intention too.  It's purposeful.  

It focuses more on how you are together than what you do.  Based on what's most important to you.  Your personal values. People come away uplifted, renewed, inspired.  Fulfilled.  

Why is this so important now, at this point in human history?


It was more than 30 years ago, that I began working on this celebration work.  I noticed a strong need then, for bringing people together.  Building  community.  Helping people see the beauty of each others' humanity.  The unique gifts we all bring to the world.  

After decades have passed, there is more need for building relationship and community than ever.  As we become more connected and interconnected in our world.  The challenges to peaceful connection seem to have grown.  

At the same time, technology has advanced in a way, that helps us to be connected all the time.  With anyone, anywhere.  And yet this valuable media can also tend to pull us apart from each other, as it touches every aspect of our lives.  

So now, more than ever, we need to create fulfilling lives.  Celebrations.  That bring us together and deepen our connection to each other.  I think our very survival depends on it.  

How I could I help you to live a more celebrated life? Where can you begin?


Here are some ways I can begin to help you create this in your life.


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A life of loving relationships.  Mind, body, heart & soul balance.  Inspiring renewal.  Empowering choices.

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