Creating Celebration, Creating A life
rich in connection, presence & joy

About Nancy

What brought me to this life work of celebration coaching?

Seeing a need for community building.  And the huge potential for that in how we celebrate.  

Becoming a parent.  And loving the connection I had with my kids.  

Looking for work that was uniquely my own. Work that I loved.  

Wanting to make a difference in the world.  A contribution that might help to make it more loving.  More peaceful.

So I have learned a great deal about how to create celebration.  How to create ritual.  And seen a connection between what's missing in the way we celebrate.  And what's often missing in the way we live our lives.  

l have learned about and explored how to create celebration in a different way.  That balances all the talking and eating that we usually do, with more listening.  More active participating.  Less focus on buying things, consuming things.  And more on building stronger relationships.  Leaving people more inspired, uplifted.  Renewed.

As I went through my parenting years, I added family ritual to my work.  Wanting to focus on shaping people's lives in the very earliest years.  And sharing with other families the richness of family ritual I was reading about.  And using in my own family, and with my partner.  Seeing daily ritual as an important place to begin coaching a stronger life of celebration.

Growing up with a twin sister that looks a lot like me, set me on a life long quest to discover my uniqueness.  What I love doing, being, learning, creating.  My strengths, values, beliefs.

Coming of age in the late sixties, left its mark on me too.  My whole life I have looked for ways that I can make the world a more loving, peaceful world.  Starting with myself.  How I show up each day.  In relationship with others.  How I can raise my children to become adults who bring more love, peace into the world.

I have been coaching individuals and leading workshops and parent support groups for almost 20 years now.  During this time I have often been working with a coach myself,  On personal and business growth.  And completed a coach training program with the Coaches Training Alliance, receiving certification as a professional certified coach.  I have also been an active member of the Western Ma. Coaches Alliance during this time.  All of these experiences have helped me grow personally and be a better coach.

For more information about my background you can go to my LinkedIn Profile.  And also read some of my posts there.   

You can also check out the testimonials below, to hear about what some clients have written about their work with me.  They will give you a sense for some of the challenges clients have come to me with.  And what they took away from their work with me.  

Contact me.  Let me know you have visited here.  What you are looking for.  Let's make a date to talk for 20 minutes.  No strings attached.  I would love to hear from you!  Really!

Photo taken by my son, Ambrosius Francisco.  In my backyard Sunflower garden.  He makes me smile!

Photo taken by my son, Ambrosius Francisco. In my backyard Sunflower garden. He makes me smile!

What clients have written about their work with me

Challenges that brought them to coaching. What they did to resolve them. And their results.

"Working with Nancy provided a perfect blend of being cared for and challenged while remaking my life after divorce.  

Nancy guided me in the journey of reconnecting with myself. And  redesigning my life.  How to more fully meet my needs.  How to have more fun with my children.  Have greater focus at work.  Find time for creativity and connection with friends.  

With Nancy's help and suggestions I took care of business.  Discovered new ways of connecting with my children.  I laughed and cried and came away with greater self-confidence.  I highly recommend Nancy to help you through the next transition or stuck point in your life."   V.P.

"I  was drawn to the family ritual class, by my desire to bring my family together in meaningful ways.  One and a half years since the birth of our child, we were still trying to find our rhythm as first parents.  It had been just the two of us for 10 years.  And now there seemed to be a disconnection that was affecting our interactions as a family.

Attending the group was what I needed.  The encouragement to act on ideas made a real difference.  I felt motivated to make time.  And to follow through on some ideas.  Working through difficulties in a group setting helped me stay grounded.  It also helped me realize that when things don't work, there just may be a different way to achieve the same goal.

We have seen what a difference it has made for our family, when we take the time to be with each other, fully present on a regular basis.  Even though there is so much to do, and so many things changing all the time, we no longer allow these things to keep us from giving our time and energy to what is most important.  Being with each other, in an open, receptive and fully present way has enriched our lives."   A. H.

"What brought me to coaching was a desire to weave ritual into my life, as a form of self-care.  I also wanted to grow in self-awareness.  And connect in a deeper way with my husband, now that our daughter was off to college, and we were empty nesters.  And I wanted to lose 40 pounds, in order to feel healthier and stronger, more vibrant as I entered retirement.

I began to do small things to celebrate important passages, and just express myself in meaningful ways. I began to realize that communication with my husband could be easily improved.  After struggling with weight all my life, I felt ready to release the extra weight.  Nancy recommended an amazing book, Women, Weight and God by Geneen Roth, that helped me articulate the major reasons why my weight struggle seemed to be a hopeless, endless battle.  

I started to see ritual as a form of self-expression and something I could create, without any special training.  It helped me reconnect to my daughter.  And create a beautiful ritual to heal from the death of a lifelong friend.  My husband and I talk with more trust.  We are not afraid to shine a light on issues we avoided in the past.  Nancy's coaching, along with the eating habits program I have started, has boosted my self-confidence and determination to loose weight.  In just a matter of weeks, after decades of feeling helpless."   D.F.

"Nancy is a warm, caring person.  I quickly felt at ease speaking with her.  She has a sincere interest in others.  

I came to coaching for many reasons that we explored together.  I wanted to be more focused.  In the present.  Find meaning and purpose in my actions.  I wanted to learn to slow down.  Enjoy my life to it's fullest.  

Nancy helped me create a 40th birthday party for myself, that reflected what I value.  What I hold sacred.  She helped me learn to focus on what is important to me.  To find my voice in expressing myself. My needs.  I learned to say no in a caring way without guilt.   Nancy helped me reach out and create a growing network of caring connections through friendships and groups.  Through feeling better about myself, I was able to let go of old eating habits, eliminate sweets and lose weight.  

Through Nancy's help evaluating my work skills, I realized that I have more to offer than I thought.  I discovered that my career possibilities are greater than I imagined.  I learned about what my ideal work conditions are.   So now I am better able to make meaningful career choices.  I have reduced stress and gained strength emotionally, physically and spiritually.  It has been my pleasure working with Nancy.  I recommend her to anyone wanting to make meaningful changes in their life."   N.R.

"When I first started working with Nancy, my image of myself was of a little hamster running endlessly on a wheel.  Or a bent-over drudge, trudging up a hill.  A demanding job, long workweeks, worries about my health and finances, along with plagues of clutter, the feeling that I wasn't doing anything well, pretty much sums up what I was feeling.

Nancy has helped me with every challenge.  My life has changed for the better.  The hamster and drudge have passed into history!

I've learned to follow my heart.  Say no when needed.  And yes when I want to.  And best of all, celebrate all of the blessings in my life.  The process hasn't been easy.  But it has always moved in the right direction.  Propelled by Nancy's gentle questions and suggestions.  I can't think of anything more important and rewarding that I have done for myself, than work with Nancy."    M.K.