Creating Celebration, Creating A life
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Parenting & Family Ritual Coaching services


Helping parents, families and anyone else wanting to live a more celebrated life.

  • Are you wanting more balance?  Between work, kids activities and family life? Scheduled and unscheduled time?  Screen time and down time?  
  • Are you needing to better nurture your connection to yourself and your self-care?  Strengthen your relationships with family, partner, friends, community?
  • Are you looking for ways to experience more regular renewal, inspiration, fulfillment? In your daily life?  Your personal life?  Family life?
  • Do you need help clarifying your values and priorities?  Help making choices about where to put your limited energy?  Help finding peace with what is most meaningful, enough?
  • Do you need help creating rituals and celebrations that reflect all of this too?  That focus more on connection and presence?  Helping everyone feel more whole again?   Celebrations focused more on relationship then consumption?

Whether you are a parent, grandparent or anyone wanting more connection in your life, I can help.

Whether you want to work on one need or many, I can help you gain clarity and move ahead.  And create more connection, presence and joy in your life. 

I can work with you on creating more balance, connection, renewal and simplicity.   In your daily life.  And in your yearly celebrations.  So that one reinforces the other.  Creating celebration, creating a life.

You choose to work on what is most important to you right now.  And I will hold that for you in our coaching sessions.  Help to keep you focused, supported and moving forward.  

We will also celebrate steps, big and small, that you take.  And illuminate all the possibility, when you are stuck.  As well as all the strengths you bring to your life.  I will help you find your next steps forward, that are in integrity with who are and what you most value.  

Most of the coaching packages I offer are for individual coaching.  I plan to offer a 3 month group, as I find parents interested in longer term support.  

I can coach you on a variety of topics.  

  • Family life balance, screen balance.  Priority setting.
  • Self-care and rituals of self-care.
  • Partner connection and rituals of connection.
  • Family relationship/connection and Mealtime, Bedtime and Family Time Rituals.  
  • Creating celebrations for holidays, birthdays, beginnings and endings.  
  • Life transitions, family life changes, such as marriage, divorce, births, children moving through pre-adolescence, teens, leaving home, living as young adults.

I offer a variety of coaching packages to fit your needs.

.Packages range in time and money commitment.  From free to a 6 session package.

  • Free:  A free 20 minute consultation.  A free 1 hour workshop, How To Be Together When No One Can Agree...5 Steps To Growing A Connected, Peaceful Family.  
  • Initial Coaching Session:  A 1.5 hour session to set the groundwork for our work together. Including valuable clarifying assessments you will do before we meet. 
  • Single Coaching Session:  This 1 hour session is available after the Initial Coaching Session.  To work on one issue.  To get help with a ritual or celebration.  Or for previous clients to meet for continued support as needed.  
  • Coaching Starter Package: This 2.5 hour package includes an Initial Coaching Session with a $10 discount for scheduling both at the same time.    This might work best for you if you want to make a short term investment of time and money right now.  And want to work on one issue. Want more clarity and feel you don't need ongoing support to keep moving ahead.  
  • 3 and 6 Session Packages:  These 3 and 6 hour packages can be scheduled whenever it works best for you.  We might meet weekly.  Every other week. Three times a month to start.  Once a month once you gain momentum.  Depending on how much support you need to make changes.  If you have more then a single challenge to work on, these packages would be most helpful. Buying them offers you a savings.  Please be sure to book an Initial Coaching Session first.  
  • 4 Session One Month Series:  This coaching group will be designed around the needs of up to 8 parents that sign up.  It could focus on just one topic a month or support the greatest needs of each  member.  Topics would include: Clarifying family life strengths, challenges, and priorities.  Self-care needs/rituals.  Partner relationship/rituals of connection.  Family relationships and Mealtime, Bedtime, Family Night rituals of connection.

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